Things To Do With Your Friends

Have you been wanting to do something with a group of friends, but have just run out of ideas? Have no fear! Here is a list to give your brain a kick start of some fun activities to do with your friends!

1. Host an exchange (book, treat, gift card, jewelry, etc.)

I have actually already done a book exchange at my house in January! It was so fun! We also had a little raffle where we gave away a book set, 2 bookmarks, and a 2016 calendar. In fact, here’s a pic of us with the books we got! (Sorry for the bad quality! And yes, the faces are blurred out.)V__BF1A (2)

2. Board Game/Card Game Night (or whatever time of day)

Gather all your board/card games together (or have everyone bring one of theirs), and play! Whether it’s Monopoly, ERS, Life, Uno, or any other game, I can guarantee you’ll have a blast! 😉  If you’re the host, you can also provide refreshments.

3. Play outside

Now, I know it sounds sorta childish, but hey! If you have enough land, and the weather’s good, don’t be afraid to call up your friends to hang out in the great outdoors! Depending on how much room you have, you guys can play Four Square (which I am currently obsessed with!), baseball, kickball, jump roping/double-dutch, red-light green-light, tag, basketball, Simon Says, and all sorts of other fun games that we tend to forget to play as we get older. (It’s especially fun to watch teenagers play those kiddie games!) 

4. Go shopping

That is, if you and your friends have some money to spare! 😛

5. Coloring/Drawing Contest

If you’re an artist, gather all your artistic friends and have a contest. Since adult coloring books are all the hype right now, I’m sure you can find some pretty cool coloring pages to do! And since the judge(s) will probably be related to some of you, make sure they don’t see who did which artwork, and don’t let anyone sign their name on the picture.

6. Truth or Dare

If you want to know what everyone is going to ask, get a printable Truth or Dare like this one (click me!), and just separate them into jars to have everyone pass around.

7. Movie Night/Marathon

Get some good movies together (make sure everyone is allowed to watch it), and have a vote for which on to watch. Or if you want to have a marathon, pick a movie series (*cough*Lord of the Rings*cough*cough*)!

8. Go bowling or roller skating

Of course this one (most likely) requires money, but hey, it’s super fun! (I actually went bowling with some friends, today!)

9. Bake & decorate some cookies

I loved doing this one! You can also use any kind of treat; not just cookies!

10. Make Arts n’ Crafts/Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a true classic! If you want to spice up their stay (if they’re at your house), then check out this link for some cool crafts: (click me!)

That’s it for now, darlings! Hope y’all have a great day! ❤

10 thoughts on “Things To Do With Your Friends

  1. i think my favorite ideas would the baking, truth or dare, bowling and the movies!!!!!!
    Is. 53:5


  2. I luv all the ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my favorite ones would be 4,5,7,8, or number 9!!!!!! But i luv all of them though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. The book exchange and bowling were so much fun!!! It’s even a hundred times better when you’re with your friends!!! We need to try the other ones too!😎😄


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