Work Christmas Party

This past Monday, my job decided to close the restaurant early (around 6pm) for our first Christmas party! We got to eat pizza and snacks/desserts. We played this game called “Big Wind Blows” and it was super fun, but kinda scary cause when everyone would get up it was hard not to get trampled on! XD Here’s a couple pictures of me and some of my co-workers/friends:

We had Secret Santa and I ended up getting a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Afterwards we did the Mannequin Challenge which kinda failed but was pretty funny (might take down soon)!

The party ended at 9pm (which it had actually started at 7) but they had an afterparty which ended at 11pm. The people that stayed for the afterparty played video games and just chatted. I left around 10:30pm. Overall I had a blast hanging out with my friends! Miss it already! ❤