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It’s Tag Time! For this tag, I was nominated by the wonderful A Blow Of Bubbles! Thanks for the nomination! (And sorry it has taken me forever to do this!)


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7 Facts About Me:

1. I have never been to Disney World.

2. I have always been the shortest of my friends.

3. I want to get into cake decorating.

4. I have one-sided dimples.

5. I still have not mastered the art of eating Spaghetti.

6. It took me two times to get my driver’s permit.

7. I am the second eldest in my family.

Bloggers I Tag:

1. WellwellGirls

2. Totally Ro

3. Aquatera

(I couldn’t think of any others, so if you want to do this, feel free!)

I hope you enjoy this (very short) tag! Later, darlings! ❤


My Skincare Routine

I don’t know about you, but I love to see what other people use to take clean of their skin. I want to see if anyone uses the same products as me, know which products are highly recommended, and know which products to avoid. As a teenager, I have realized that skincare is an important thing that we should be on top of to prevent unwanted guests on our face.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects in ‘Formula 1’ (Dry Skin)

So this is the skincare set that I use everyday. From left to right, the products are a cleanser, mask, freshener, and a hydrater. The are 3 different formulas that they sell for the Botanical Effects sets: Formula 1 is for Dry Skin; Formula 2 is for Normal Skin; Formula 3 is for Oily Skin. This set is $58.



I don’t use the whole set everyday; just the cleanse and hydrate, which is used every morning and evening. I only use about the size of a dime to cover my face and neck.



I only use the mask 2-3 times a week. Usually about the size of a quarter will cover my whole face. It comes out white but once it dries, it’ll be clear.


I use this one only when I use the mask. I spray some on a cotton ball/round and dab it all over my face.


I use about the size of a dime to put all over my face and neck. This acts as a lotion/moisturizer.


Whole Set Unboxed 


Blue Norwex Facial Cloth

To rinse/wipe off the cleanse and mask, I just wet this Norwex cloth and clean it off.

So that is pretty much what I do for my skincare! If you want to check out this set or any other Mary Kay products, just go to Later darlings! ❤

5 Things I’m NOT Looking Forward To This Summer

So a while back, I did a post on the 5 things that I’m looking forward to this summer. And obviously, if you read the title, here is the exact opposite!

1. Swimming

I have a love/hate relationship with swimming. I mean, it’s fun and all, but there are SO MANY germs in the pool! Like, EWW!

2. Immodesty Galore!

I swear, every time the weather starts getting a little warm people are already throwing off their clothes! I don’t know if that’s just how it is where I live, but come on people! At least have some decency. If not for you, at least for me!

3. It’s going to be crowded… everywhere.

No offence to any public-schoolers out there, but whether it’s at the store or the amusement park, it’s always crowded! (Although I can totally sympathize with y’all about summer break, cause I went to public school til 6th grade, so…)

4. The Heat!

Even though I was born in California, I’m a winter person. Hot weather and I don’t mix.

5. All the bugs are coming out!

Bugs love to be out and about during summer, and that’s when you get bitten up; lovely…

So that’s it for today’s post! What are some things YOU aren’t looking forward to this summer? Later, darlings! ❤

*Author’s Note: Okay, so I know I haven’t been so good with posting lately, and I’m really sorry! Especially about doing reviews every Wednesday! We are having some family over for the next couple weeks, so I won’t be posting much. After they leave, I’ll do my best to update more. Thanks for being patient with me!*

New Book Series

Hello! How is everyone doing? Great I hope!:) Well, the other week at a homeschool convention we went to, we bought some books that I haven’t heard of before. It’s for ages 8-12, but I’m  still going to read it because you don’t have to be that exact age, right?! It’s called the Martha Knight series by Bekah O’Brien, which is about a girl who lives on a farm with her parents and six siblings. The author started the series when she was 11, and is currently writing books 7 and 8. I just read the first one, and it was good! It’s very easy to read, encouraging, and can be read by anyone. Be sure to tell your friends about them, because it’s not well-known yet!😄 If you have any questions about the series, let me now.;) Bye for now darlings!

Modest Swimwear

Are you itching to get into that pool this summer, but want to jump in wearing something that won’t cause your ‘fellow brothers to stumble’? Have you been having a hard time finding a swimsuit that’s truly modest to swim in? HAVE NO FEAR! For I have come to solve all of your swimming worries (well maybe not all, but you get the gist)! Below is a list of websites that I have come across that sell modest bathing suits. I have not shopped at all of these, but they sell ones that are similar to the bathing suit that I own.

1. Swim Modest (This is the one where I got my swimsuit a few years ago.)

2. ModLi

3. Simply Modest Swimwear

4. Etsy Shop: CoverUpForChrist

5. HydroChic

Know of any other places that sell modest swimsuits? Have you shopped at any of the above places? What did you think of my wannabe infomercial above? Let me know! Later, darlings! ❤

What I Did For Mother’s Day

As you all know, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. This year my siblings and I really wanted to make it special for our mom. So the Monday before, we made sure to plan out all the meals and such. I totally forgot that we had this cupcake book, since forever ago, and I thought I should use it! Here’s the pic of it:


This book has SO many recipes and things to try in here that it was kinda hard to choose! But since I already knew that my mom likes more fruity/lemony stuff, I had a general category of what to look for. I ended up finding this DELICIOUS ‘Mini Lemon Curd Cupcake’ recipe that had a ‘Lemony Cream’ to go with it!

Cupcakes before they went in the oven. I’m using a ‘Wilton’ baking pan.
Here’s what they looked like when they came out of the oven.

My sister and I made these on Saturday, so they’d have some time to cool off and stuff. It was so tempting to not eat them then and there! 😉

So for breakfast, I googled some breakfast ideas and saw this cool picture of this bagel with cream cheese topped with a ‘wheel’ of strawberries and some blueberries in the center. It looked awesome and pretty simple to replicate. Of course mine didn’t turn out like the picture, cause I changed it up a bit, but personally I think it looks pretty great!

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Okay, so a couple days before, I was REALLY craving some fried pickles from Logan’s (don’t judge; you know you get those weird cravings too) and we ended up taking some home with us for part of our lunch. Man, was it worth it! XD

For dinner we made this ‘White Sauce and Noodles’ recipe from this cookbook from King’s Blooming Rose. It was delicious! (Sorry I don’t have a picture of it. I forgot to take one! :/ )

Here’s how the cupcakes ended up turning out (pics below)! We made the Lemony Cream on Sunday so it’d be fresh for decorating. We used this decorating set from ‘Wilton’ for the cupcakes.

And of course, we couldn’t forget the Mother’s Day card! I went over to and found these cool printable cards! We ended up choosing this one and printed it out on some card-stock:

FREE Printable Hand-Lettered Mothers Day cards |By Dawn Nicole

So that’s what my siblings and I did for Mother’s Day 2016! Probably wasn’t that much, but my mom really enjoyed it!

What did you do for Mother’s Day? What are some weird cravings you’ve had (or are currently having)? Let me know in the comments below! Later, darlings! ❤

Makeup Review: Ipsy March Glam Bag

Hey lovelies! Before I get into the review, I have decided that I will now be posting any reviews that I write on Wednesdays. So for those of you who want to read any product, book, makeup, etc. reviews you can know when they’ll be up each week.

Today’s review is on Ipsy’s March Glam Bag: Hello, Spring!. For those of you who don’t know what Ipsy is, you can click my other post here where I explain all about it. Now, onto the review!

Glam Bag

I was really excited to receive this bag! Just look at it. Doesn’t it just shout ‘spring’! The designers really nailed it. 😉

1st PRODUCT // Marc Anthony: Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco (Blow Dry Cream)

I really enjoyed using this product. It’s very easy to use on your hair, smells great, and left my looking fabulous! I will definitely want to purchase more when I run out!

2nd PRODUCT // Beau Gachis: Eyeshadow Brush

Loved this brush! Works great on my eyeshadows and is very smooth!

3rd PRODUCT // Skone Cosmetics: Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in ‘Jet Black’

This eyeliner has a felt-tip applicator. My mom was actually the one who used this eyeliner (since I’m still trying to figure out pencil eyeliner) and she loved it! It’s waterproof and lasts all day. I will definitely want to purchase one once I get a little more used to eyeliner.

4th PRODUCT // ModelCo: Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in ‘Socialite’

The color that they sent us was spot-on, and just the one I needed to go over a lipstick I had! It smells SO good and even tastes great too, which can be a little tempting at times! 🙂 The only thing I didn’t like was the consistency. Even though in the product’s description it says it’s non-sticky, mine was. But I might have just received a defected one.

5th PRODUCT // Make Up For Ever: Step 1 Skin Equalizer- Hydrating Primer

Okay, tbh, I haven’t actually used this one yet cause I already use another skin care set that includes a hydrating cream. And I don’t like switching skin creams unless I’m all out, cause if I switch to another one I end up breaking out. So once I run out of my other one, I’ll try this one (which I can post about in another review).

Overall Rating: With the products that I tried, I’d give this bag 9/1o stars. I really loved the ‘spring’ products they sent us!

So that’s all for this review! I really hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be reviewing April’s Glam Bag soon! Bye, darlings! ❤