DIY Stickers

Things You Will Need:

– A Pencil

– Paper/Cardstock

– Scissors/Craft Scissors

– Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils

– Double-sided Tape


First, sketch out your sticker design on the piece of paper. If you want the sticker to be thick, then use a piece of Cardstock or sketchbook paper. I drew a marshmallow.

Next, color in your design.

(If you want your sticker to have a ‘laminated’ look, lay a strip of packing tape over the design.) Once you’ve done that, flip over the picture and start laying down the double-sided tape to cover the design.

Using scissors or craft scissors (depending on your preference), cut out the sticker and you’re done!

I put mine on my sketchbook along with a couple other stickers I created. (I didn’t create the penguin sticker in the middle. I bought it online from Redbubble.)

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Later darlings! ā¤


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