Modest Swimwear

Are you itching to get into that pool this summer, but want to jump in wearing something that won’t cause your ‘fellow brothers to stumble’? Have you been having a hard time finding a swimsuit that’s truly modest to swim in? HAVE NO FEAR! For I have come to solve all of your swimming worries (well maybe not all, but you get the gist)! Below is a list of websites that I have come across that sell modest bathing suits. I have not shopped at all of these, but they sell ones that are similar to the bathing suit that I own.

1. Swim Modest (This is the one where I got my swimsuit a few years ago.)

2. ModLi

3. Simply Modest Swimwear

4. Etsy Shop: CoverUpForChrist

5. HydroChic

Know of any other places that sell modest swimsuits? Have you shopped at any of the above places? What did you think of my wannabe infomercial above? Let me know! Later, darlings! ❤


9 thoughts on “Modest Swimwear

  1. Oh Lordy, thank you for this. *showers you with hugs because trying on bathing suits blech* I love JCPenney or DownEast Basics (the latter is an online store!) for my modest swimsuits; they’re fabulous. Thank you so much for the resources! Can’t wait to check these out, eep! 🙂


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