High School Formal

On Saturday, April 23rd, my sister and I went to a high school formal that our homeschool tutorial/co-op hosted! It was super fun! The theme was ‘Once Upon A Time’ so we got to dress up like characters.

We started getting ready around 10:00am and got two people to do our hair and makeup.

My Hairstyle

These were the makeup products I used for my lips that I got from Icing. The rest of the makeup products I used were from Mary Kay.

I got pretty much all of my accessories from Claire’s.

We bought both of our dresses from WindsorΒ at the mall. Here’s an up close view of the dress details.

Everyone arrived at 4:00pm and we took some group pictures together.

Hermione, Anna, Elizabeth Swann, Tiger Lily, Babette, Snow White, and Jasmine.

Then for our ride, we got to go in a double-decker bus! It was so awesome, and since my friends and I sat at the top, front of the bus, we got to wave at people. πŸ˜›

Our high school group’s ‘funny face’ picture!

Here’s a list of the characters that people dressed up as (some are not pictured and some didn’t dress up):

  1. Tiger Lily
  2. Jasmine
  3. Tadashi Hamada
  4. Snow White
  5. Maleficent
  6. Captain Jack Sparrow
  7. Elizabeth Swann
  8. The Flash (Barry Allen)
  9. Goofy
  10. Mickey Mouse
  11. Anna
  12. Esmeralda
  13. Peter Pan
  14. Eugene Fitzherbert
  15. Flynn Rider
  16. Han Solo
  17. Wendy Darling
  18. A Secret Service Man
  19. Mad Hatter
  20. Ezma
  21. Eeyore
  22. Hermione
  23. Ursula
  24. Jafar
  25. Sully (James P. Sullivan)
  26. A Fairy
  27. Babette
  28. Woody

We actually had the formal at someone’s barn that they set up with the decorations.

Table Set-Up
Dinner Menu

For the entertainment they brought a magician, so that was pretty cool! Then afterwards we had some sparklers and a fireworks show!

Guys with the sparklers.

We also got to bring home a bag of treats that they gave us.

Overall we had an AMAZING time! It was our last year at the tutorial (after going for the past 3 years) and it was a perfect way to end it (excluding the graduation ceremony coming up in a few weeks)! I hope you liked this post darlings; later! ❀


8 thoughts on “High School Formal

  1. looks like ya’ll had a wonderful time!!
    God Bless!!!!!!!!
    Clo, Is. 53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale


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