Makeup Review: NYC Eyeliner

Today, I will be reviewing the ‘New York Color: HD Automatic Eyeliner’.

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Website‘s Description: Twist, line and smudge! HD Automatic Eyeliner makes your dream eye look easy and speedy. This skinny pencil just twists up to reveal a perfect point that makes applying color a breeze. At the other end is a brilliant pro-style blending tool for customizing your look.

Where I purchased item: Walmart

Quality: Long lasting and waterproof. It went on very smoothly and would last all day!

Color: #001 Black

 NYC New York Color HD Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner, 0_009 fl oz

Cons: When I would put it on there were these little ‘specks’ that would fly off and go into my eye and irritate it. I don’t know if I just got a defected one or if this has happens normally.

My Rating: 8/10

Summary: Overall, for my first eyeliner it was great! I would definitely be willing to try this product in other colors. I just hope that my product was the only defected one.

Do you were eyeliner? If so, what brand? Have you tried this one? Let me know in the comments below. Later darlings!<3


5 thoughts on “Makeup Review: NYC Eyeliner

  1. neat-o. i just got some makeup stuff for my birthday Saturday, so i’m looking forward to checking it out!!
    God Bless!!!!!
    Clo, Is. 53:5, #UNASHAMED,, YouTube channel-Clo Hale


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