5 Things I Look Forward To This Summer

Hey darlings! Sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. Life’s been kinda crazy (in a good way) for me these past few weeks! But, I’ll be talking about that in another post! Today I will share my list of things I’m looking forward to this summer (as you can obviously tell if you read the title). Onwards!

1. No more schoolwork! 

…Unless you’re homeschooled like me. Then you just get to do less during the break. 😛

2. Swimming!

Who doesn’t like swimming?! Whether at the beach or at the pool, you can have a blast cooling off in the water during a hot, sunny day.

3. Catching up on my Goodreads Book Challenge!

I have currently read 7 out of 85 books so far (currently reading ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’//Tolkien). I have quite a bit of catching up to do! (O_o)

4. My family is visiting!

Last time they visited was Father’s Day week of 2013, so I’m pretty pumped! I can’t wait to be able to go on lots of car trips this summer! XD

5. I’ll be turning 17?!

I actually have mixed feelings about this. Like, seriously, WHO STOLE MY CHILDHOOD?! Although I am glad I’ll be turning 17, because it’s that perfect age between ‘Immature 16’ and ‘Adult 18’. 

Well, that’s all for my list! What are 5 things that YOU’RE looking forward to this summer? ❤


4 thoughts on “5 Things I Look Forward To This Summer

  1. i’m looking forward to getting closer to Jesus, writing more songs, my licence, finishing school, and learning new stuff on my new guitar,.
    God Bless!!!!
    Clo, Is. 53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale


  2. I’m looking forward to family visiting (of course:), swimming, spending time with friends, reading and writing (if that counts as one), and guitar!:D


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