Book Review: Eye of the Oracle

Hey darlings! I’m really excited because this is my very first book review! I got this book from the ‘Teach Them Diligently’ convention last year, and I barely got around to reading it in February. Since I got sick for almost a week at the end of March, I had some spare time to finish it up. Here’s my review!


Eye of the Oracle by Bryan Davis // Review

‘What ancient mysteries lurk behind the amazing stories in the Dragons in our Midst series? Eye of the Oracle takes the reader back in time to the days when dragons abounded. From the era just before Noah’s ark, through the battles between dragons and mankind in the time of King Arthur, and to the haunting presence of dragons in our day, this stunning prequel reveals the mysteries that led to the bestselling fantasy adventure that began with Raising Dragons.

How did dragons survive the flood? Who helped preserve an ancient evil force that led to the demise of the dragons in the days of King Arthur? What heroic sacrifices kept that evil from exterminating the dragon race forever? If you enjoyed the heart-stopping action and spiritual depth of the first four books in this series, you won t want to miss the astonishing story that began it all. Eye of the Oracle will captivate young and old alike, and it will challenge every reader to search deep within for answers to the mysteries in their own hearts.’ -From Goodreads

Genre: Fantasy // Christian Fiction // Fiction

My thoughts: OH, MAN! Before I read this book I heard amazing things about Bryan Davis, so I had pretty high expectations for this book. Not only did it surpass my expectations, but it’s now one of my favorite books!

Writing Style: It is very easy to read through, so you can get through the 600 pages quick enough. His writing style was a fun read!

Story line: The story line was great and kept me craving for more with each page turn.

Characters: All (good) characters were totally lovable! My favorites were probably Makaidos, Elam, Valcor, and Bonnie.

Favorite Part: All of it was great, but I really enjoyed the last third of the book the best.

Cons: From what I can remember, there wasn’t anything major that I didn’t agree with.

My Rating: 5 Stars *****

Conclusion: My only regret is not reading this book sooner. If you haven’t read this book or any other book by Bryan Davis yet, DO IT! You will not be disappointed! ❤


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