T.T.D. Homeschool Convention

On March 18-19th, my mom, sister,and I got to go to the ‘Teach Them Diligently’ homeschool convention! (It was actually the 17th-19th, but we couldn’t go that Thursday.) We actually got to work at the ‘Mystery of History’ booth. It was pretty hectic at times, but it was a great experience. We went to a few workshops and also got to meet Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin and Josh and Jordan Taylor from Blimey Cow!

V__9226 (3) ()
Elizabeth on the left and Anna Sofia on the right.
V__454D(2) ()
Josh on the left and Jordan on the right.

I got some things from the Blimey Cow booth in the vendor hall.

Blimey Cow Sticker #1
Blimey Cow Sticker #2
New Blimey Cow T-Shirt!!:
My awesome ‘Blimey Cow’ shirt that I got!

My brother got this awesome ‘Sting’ sword (from the Hobbit) from the Sturdi Guard booth! (We just need to get some sandpaper to smooth out some of the edges.)

Like seriously, when I hold it, I fell like I can take on a whole legion of Orcs! (Well, maybe with the help of the Fellowship or Thorin’s Company! :P)

So that’s it, darlings! Hope you enjoyed this post! ❤


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