Pen-pal/Blogger Meet-Up!

So on February 22nd, my sister and I met up with Beth from This Redeemed Girl and her sister Ray! Beth and I have been pen-pals for a few months now, and she’s great! They drove quite a bit to meet up with us and we all spent some time at the mall. It was really fun! We went to Claire’s first and Beth and I got some earrings and friendship necklaces. I got more earrings, but here’s a pic of the one’s she got me and my half of the necklaces; aren’t they adorable?!


Then we went to other stores like H&M, Forever 21, Rue 21,  etc. I actually got a few great deals at Rue 21! Here’s some things I got from there:

WP_20160313_16_16_39_Pro (2)

I absolutely LOVE this shirt! ❤WP_20160320_11_43_30_Pro
WP_20160312_17_20_33_Pro (2)
This smells SO GOOD! Here’s the link if you want to try it: Pink ICE Perfume

 Lastly, here’s some pics of all of us:

I had such a great time meeting them; hopefully we’ll get to do it again in the near future! ❤


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