I Got My Braces!

Good afternoon darlings! Okay, so, earlier this week on Monday, I finally got my braces! I was so excited because I’ve been needing them for a long time. I didn’t get the wires yet because I need to have some teeth removed, so for right now I just have the brackets. For those of you who don’t have any braces, but are going to get them soon, your mouth will be sore for a few days. And since I don’t have the wires yet, of course I’m not going to know how that feels!😣 But I would say the worst part about it,(from what I know anyway) is when they put that “clay” stuff in your mouth before putting in the brackets, and having your mouth open the whole time . (But that part’s not too bad!) Also, of course, it’s kind of hard to eat at first, and there are a lot of foods you can’t eat. Things that are hard, chewy, sticky, gummy, crunchy, crispy, things like that; these can break the wires or brackets. I’m sure most of you know this stuff already, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?😝 Well, that’s all for now, Goodbye!


12 thoughts on “I Got My Braces!

  1. I had braces two years ago. They were super painful for the first week and a few days after each tightening. I couldn’t eat anything but smoothies and soft fruit for the first few weeks of having them on. And some advise, don’t get lazy about not eating crunchy stuff, I broke a bracket with popcorn!!! 😮


    1. Yeah I know! I’ve been careful on what I’ve been eating. Even though I really want popcorn, I won’t eat it probably until I get my braces off!


  2. I have never had braces and i don’t think i will ever need them. I don’t think i could stand to have the pain of it…i don’t even like dentist appointments!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. It’s not too bad. Except of course there are some parts when it hurts but its not like a sharp pain. I hope you don’t need them either!😊


  3. i hope the braces don’t cause you anymore pain! do you like them??
    God Bless!!!
    Is. 53:5


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