Hello darlings! Okay, so who here likes to eat at restaurants or fast food places? Does anyone have a favorite? Well, I have many favorites! So here are some that I would like to recommend. (In case you haven’t been to any of them. I’m sure you’ve been to some of them though!;) By the way these are not in order.:)

10.) Zaxby’s

9.) Chick-Fil-A

8.) Red Robin

7.) Famous Dave’s

6.) Panera Bread

5.) Jersey Mike’s

4.) McAlister’s

3.) Steak ‘n Shake

2.) In ‘n Out

1.) Culver’s

Hope you go and try some of these out! Goodbye for now!


10 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. Ooh… I’ve been to Red Robin before! I love that place! And I’ve heard of a few of the others that you mentioned!
    Have you ever gone to Izzy’s before?


    1. No, I’ve never been to Izzy’s before. Is it good? All of these restaurants are close to where I live. They probably don’t have them where your at. I will look to see if there is an Izzy’s around here! Thanks!


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